Shop till you drop!

Contrary to the stereotypical vision of a man who wanders cluelessly around stores, recent studies reveal that men do in fact shop and want to look good too.  With so many styles and trends available these days for men, there’s simply no reason for them to settle down for button-down shirts and tan pleated pants.  Now men are expected to good both at work and home.  And truth be told, women like guys who take care of themselves!

Fashion magazines with menswear advice are now everywhere.  As a result they are much more prominent in helping the average man look better than he ever imagined.   Although the women have a lot more to choose from when it comes to clothes and accessories, men still have their fair share. Take jeans for example: long gone are the days where men only had options of blue and black denim.  Whether it’s a different style of jean like skinny or straight leg, different fabric or color, the options seem to be oozing for men.  Here are some of our current favorite men’s styles:

AG Matchbox 19y Mending

Citizens of Humanity Sid in Khaki Twill

True Religion Ricky in Assassination

Citizens of Humanity Core in Fire Orange

True Religion Blake in Single Galveston

True Religion Ricky in Texas Terror


Justin Bieber in Acne Denim Jacket

True Religion Ricky in Conductor


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