Time to party!

Hosting/attending a party this holiday season?  We at Denim Diary recently came across an article with awesome “Party Do’s & Don’ts”.  No extra advice can ever go to waste, so here are some of the tips we have compiled.  Hope they come in handy!

  • Always account for an extra surprise guest: better safe than sorry.
  • Create a music playlist that’s ready to begin as soon as the doorbell rings.
  • Keep hors d’oeuvres to one bite; nobody wants to talk with a mouthful.
  • Opt for something unique as your centerpieces instead of flowers.  Think seasonal fruit, a tureen or an interesting sculptural centerpiece.
  • Don’t wait for late guests to start serving.  Hungry guests aren’t happy guests.

  • If you’re doing a set seating, place people with big personalities at the center of the table: they can help carry the conversation.
  • Atmosphere is half the battle and sets the ambiance: ensure the room is appropriately lit and the background music is fitting.
  • Never EVER run out of ice…or alcohol!
  • Put individual guest napkins in the powder room (prevents overused guest towels) and a soap pump (bar soap can get gooey).
  • Mingle throughout the entire night and ensure your guests are enjoying themselves and constantly have a drink in their hand.
  • Bid farewell: Don’t leave without saying good-bye to the host.

What tips can you add to the list?

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