Size matters

Shopping for jeans seems to be the bane of every woman’s existence.  The idea of trying on a gazillion pair of jeans before finding the perfect pair of jeans is a nightmare.  While finding a pair which fits ‘just right’ may not always be achieved in the first go, knowing your actual size can help start things on the right foot.

Whereas high street shops and most contemporary brands stick to a national sizing system (e.g. US, UK, French, Italian, etc), Premium denim like J Brand & Goldsign is international, and conforms to a set sizing structure.  That’s 10 points right there for Premium denim ;)!

To determine whether you should be trying on a pair of 26’s, 28’s or even 32’s, here are a few tips:

  1. Whip out your measuring tape & measure your upper waist…i.e. the smallest part of your waist.
  2. If your waist measures at 27, try on a pair of size 27 jeans.  If your hip to waist ratio is smaller, also try on a size 26.  Alternatively, if the ratio is slightly bigger  (i.e. you were gifted with some ‘junk in your trunk’), try one size bigger.
  3. Bear in mind that despite a uniform sizing structure, some discrepancies do lie across brands.  For example, Paige and True Religion both run slightly big so chances are you will need a smaller size than you would normally go for.

Also do remember that denim stretches, so if you are looking for a pair of jeans with a snug fit, here’s our final tip:

“If you have to do ‘the kick’ to get in them, you’ve got the right size.” 

Otherwise within a couple of wears, you’ll end up with the ‘saggy bottom effect’…and that’s not a good look on anyone :D!

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